Sneaky Robot is a New York Based Computer Repair Company. We Specialize in basic and advanced technical system diagnostics and upgrades, including hardware and software installations, diagnostics, PC Tune-ups and Laptop Screen Repair. We are mostly known for our Affordable Computer Repair Prices and exceptional services. Here at Sneaky Robot we are committed to providing Service Quality you can trust. Our Tech experts are certified , Reliable and can help you with the following services

Hardware Issues

Broken Screen

►Broken Screen
►Cracked Display

Dim Screen

►Dim Screen
►Faint Images
►Vertical or Horizontal Line

Defective Hard Drive

►Defective Hard Drive
►Noisy or Clicking Drive
►Data Recovery


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Software Issues

Virus Removal

►Virus Removal
►Popups, Error Messages
►Your Computer Got Hacked

Problem With Windows

►Problem With Windows
►Can’t Log In
►Does Not Boot Up
Forgot Password

Blue Screen of Death

►Blue Screen of Death
►Error Messages
►Continuous Restarting

Other Issues

No Power on Computer

►No Power on Computer
►Computer Powers On But Screen Is Blank
►Shuts Off Randomly

Liquid Spills

►Liquid Spills on Laptop Keyboard
►Non Functioning or Missing Keys

No Internet Connection

►No Internet Connection
►Problems with your Wireless Device